Tips for visiting Alcatraz

Alcatraz is a former prison island located in San Francisco Bay, USA. It is a popular tourist destination rich in history.

If you are planning a trip to Alcatraz, there are many things to consider before you go. 

Alcatraz is a fascinating destination soaked in history, and it is important to plan ahead to maximize your travel experience. 

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your visit to Alcatraz:

  • Visitors are advised to book their tour tickets a month prior to their intended plan of visit. This helps secure their spot, so as to avoid last-minute disappointment.
  • Last-minute tickets are still available, but they’re expensive. Visitors may end up with way lighter wallets than they had expected!
  • Paying attention to the time is very important, as the ferries operate on a strict timetable.
  • Tourists should remember to bring their IDs. This will be checked on the tour day.
  • Tourists should also bring light jackets and other clothing appropriate for slightly cooler weather.
  • Parking facilities are very hard to find on the island, so visitors will be well advised to use public transport.
  • The island is wheelchair accessible so people with mobility impairments can also enjoy a hassle-free experience. 
  • Even though a variety of tour options are available, tourists prefer Alcatraz combo tours for a better experience.
  • Tourists can stay on the island for as long as they like, they can take any of the available ferries to return back from Alcatraz. 

    However, they should remember that these ferries fill up fast, so they may need to wait for one well in advance.
  • Early morning is best if tourists prefer to go when the island is less crowded. Midday is the best if they prefer a warmer day and sunny skies.
  • There are no food options available on the island, except for light food items and dry snacks, which are usually pretty expensive. 

Visitors can instead opt to carry their own food and drinks. Bottled water is also available, though it can be a little costly. 

What rules and regulations are to be followed by visitors while visiting Alcatraz?

  • Eating food (including candy and chewing gum) and drinking are not allowed beyond the dock.
    Smoking is only permitted in areas marked for that purpose.
  • Only standard baggage of a maximum of 16” x 20” is allowed on the ferry to Alcatraz.
  • Alcatraz has dangerous spots. Visitors should exercise caution when approaching certain areas.
  • Drinking water in non-glass bottles only is allowed beyond the dock.
  • There are no storage facilities available on the island.
  • The wildlife on Alcatraz is protected by law. Hence feeding or antagonizing them is not allowed.
  • Visitors go through extensive security checks before taking the ferry to Alcatraz Island.

Featured Image: Tripsavvy.com

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