Alcatraz Itinerary

Alcatraz is an iconic island located in San Francisco Bay, and the tour of Alcatraz will give you an exclusive look into its dark past.

Begin your excursion by taking a ferry ride to the island that departs at Pier 33. 

Visitors are recommended to arrive early because the boat leaves at the time mentioned on the ticket.

As soon as you board, it is advised that you take a seat in the front or on the right side of the vessel.

Because the boat will circle Alcatraz Island and the island will always be on the right side of the boat.

In light of the fact that you can’t see anything from the left side of the boat, you don’t need to sit there.

Since the entire boat ride is narrated, you’ll learn a lot of things nevertheless.

When you arrive on Alcatraz Island, the tour guide will greet you and lead you to the main prison.

You will be guided through the island’s unique landscape and captivating history, with a focus on what life was like for the prisoners who called Alcatraz home. 

The guide will also share many stories pertaining to Alcatraz.

The guide will also share many stories and information about the prison with you.

Owing to the distribution of audio devices that will take place in the first room you enter.

It is recommended that you stand near the front of the queue.

Thus, everyone will have to wait a long time to purchase one of these audio players which come in a whole lot of different languages. 

If you’re near the back of the queue, it can take some time before you can get one.

The audio tour begins when you arrive at the cell blocks; this trip requires you to stop at numerous locations, and thus the area can quickly become overcrowded.

If you’re trying to take a picture with a whole lot of tourists, it is recommended you stay at the front of the line. 

The audio tour concludes at the dining hall, where all of the tables and benches have been removed.

The old menu is still up there in the dining hall so we can see what is for breakfast, and can still gaze at the old kitchen cell.

Once we drop off the audio devices, we go downstairs

There you will visit the small museum and then eventually a gift shop to carry with you a whole bunch of souvenirs.

There are many other things to do outside right after exiting the cell block.

You can visit the lighthouse there, but regrettably, access to it is restricted.

Additionally, the entire island boasts some stunning scenery, so if you like that, it’s good to just roam around for a while.

You may also get a fairly good view of the harbor and the city from the area around the lighthouse.

End your excursion with a tranquil sunset view and a wonderful experience to remember for the rest of your life.

Featured Image: Graylineofsanfrancisco.com

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